Compared With C-SSRS, PHQ-9 May Underestimate Suicide Risk In Adolescents And Young Adults With T1D, Researchers Posit

Medwire News (2/23, Cowen) reports, “The Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ)-9, which screens for depressive symptoms, underestimates suicide risk in adolescents and young adults (AYA) with type 1 diabetes [T1D] when compared with a validated suicide-specific measure” called the Columbia-Suicide Severity Risk Survey (C-SSRS), investigators concluded after evaluating “the ability of suicide-risk items embedded within the self-reported PHQ-9 to identify the presence of suicide risk in 133 AYA with type 1 diabetes…seen in a multidisciplinary AYA Diabetes Program clinic.” The findings were published online Feb. 11 in Diabetes Care.

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