Pennsylvania Bolsters Suicide Prevention Efforts with Updated Columbia Protocol Mobile App

We are honored by our partnership with Pennsylvania on its innovative work on the Columbia Protocol app- it has truly been instrumental in propelling life-saving work around the globe. The work with Pennsylvania has been nothing short of groundbreaking not only in its lifesaving capacity for the citizens of Pennsylvania but also as a model for national and international innovation, as states and countries (including Israel, UK)look to Pennsylvania’s work and apply it to save the lives of their citizens. If you are a citizen in PA using the app you will be connected to local resources. The app is frequently used to save the lives of the workforce (DHS, state employees, corporation).

The White House has highlighted the Columbia app as being central to the nation’s mental health and suicide prevention strategy. Beyond the United States, this app has become the global model of suicide risk detection and a powerful catalyst for overcoming the biggest barriers to finding people suffering in silence and connecting them the local resources and care. By leveraging technology, this visionary innovation is building bridges where suicide prevention historically stumbled, where we have lost so many lives. The Columbia app empowers us to save lives locally, nationally and across the globe.

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