The C-SSRS for Research

The rater/clinician-administered versions of the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) for research assess severity and intensity of suicidal ideation, types of suicidal behaviors, and lethality of suicide attempts at time points and over time periods that are typical for randomized control trials. To find out if your research qualifies for free use of the scale, please contact us.

This website also provides researcher-related information on:

The Project has a separate webpage with specific information about the use of the C-SSRS in research funded by pharmaceutical companies (including licensing requirements).

Configure Your Toolkit

It’s easy to assemble and download a toolkit of the C-SSRS versions and related documents you need to use the scale in your setting to assess suicidal ideation and behavior. Just make the selections below. For more information on and access to the computer-automated, patient-reported version of the scale, visit our eC-SSRS page.