Identify Risk. Prevent Suicide.

The Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), the most evidence-supported tool of its kind, is a simple series of questions that anyone can use anywhere in the world to prevent suicide.

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You Can Save a Life.

The first step is to ask. We used research and real-world experience to determine the right questions to ask to identify people of all ages at risk for suicide. The C-SSRS is designed for use around the world for research, communities and healthcare, and families, friends, and neighbors.

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Effective For Everyone

The C-SSRS can be used by anyone, anywhere. The Columbia Lighthouse Project provides the scale in more than 100 country-specific languages for use by:

“The advent of the C-SSRS and its dissemination could be seen as really a watershed moment, like the introduction of antibiotics. [The C-SSRS] has played a comparable role when it comes to mental illness and perhaps its most tragic consequence, suicide.”

Jeffrey Lieberman, Former President, American Psychiatric Association