The Columbia Protocol for Your Setting

The Columbia Lighthouse Project provides versions of the Columbia Protocol, also known as the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), for use in community and healthcare settings. These are places where individuals and teams have the access and opportunity to systematically assess risk and save lives. Examples include:

  • First response agencies, such as police and fire departments
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Military installations
  • Colleges and schools
  • Correctional facilities

You do not need special permission from us to take the Columbia Protocol tools and use them in your setting, create your own unique triage next steps, or embed the Columbia Protocol in your electronic health record keeping systems (EHR). We are happy to look at any materials you develop, policies you write or screenshots of your EHR to confirm their accuracy. You can send them to us at

See our C-SSRS for Research page for versions of the scale and information for researchers.

Configure Your Toolkit

It’s easy to assemble and download a toolkit of the Columbia Protocol versions and related documents you need to assess suicidal ideation and behavior using the versions of the protocol that are appropriate for your setting. Just make the selections below.

Note: The screener versions require just two to six questions and are commonly used for clinical triage by first responders, emergency room and crisis call center staff, and non-mental health users like teachers or clergy.