Identify Risk. Prevent Suicide.

The Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), the most evidence-supported tool of its kind, is a simple series of questions that anyone can use anywhere in the world to prevent suicide.

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Training on use of the C-SSRS is easy, quick, and accessible.

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The C-SSRS is saving lives in 45 nations on six continents.

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The C-SSRS can be used by anyone, anywhere. The Columbia Lighthouse Project provides the scale in more than 100 country-specific languages for use by:

“If you look at the rate of suicide in our society, it’s been undiminished, and that’s in stark contrast to the mortality that has been affected advantageously by research and better treatment in many other causes of death in the population. Heart disease has decreased in the last half century by 50%, cancer is now something that treatable, and in many cases curable, HIV is now treatable and manageable as a chronic illness, suicide has remained unchanged because of sigma, because of the lack of a ready, easy to use method by which to detect it and then take action to try and prevent it. The advent of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale and its dissemination could be seen as really a watershed moment, like the introduction of antibiotics, the development of insulin, the discovery of the HIV virus and anti-retroviral and protease inhibitor treatments, cancer drugs and associated precision medicine and has played a comparable role when it comes to mental illness and perhaps its most tragic consequence, suicide.”

Jeffrey Lieberman - President of the American Psychiatric Association